My WTF….Really? Moment

So, to join into this month’s #tsqltuesday88, we are to write about a “WTF” moment. Mine is not directly database related, but it is related.

I was presenting at the NESQL User Group monthly meeting. I was giving a lightning talk on Powershell for a DBA. (See…somewhat related.) It was not meant to be a long presentation. At most about 15 minutes. I was coasting along talking about the enhancements made by Microsoft and the community when all of a sudden my machine would not accept any input from my keyboard or mouse. I have a Surface Pro 4, that suddenly decided to stop talking to the keyboard. Now, I was not about to let this stop me. Yes, it slowed me down, but stop me no…well not yet. I tried to use the touch screen. Yay…it was working. So I tried to continue on using the touch screen but then realized that I could not. There is no F8 key or way to highlight text, then copy and paste the text.

After a few minutes of trying to live troubleshoot, I had to give in to the Demo Gods. They have not smiled favorably upon me this day. I took my Surface and went to my seat and started looking around at what was going on. Windows Update hit me earlier in the day and had not properly finished. It was acting up and I had to hard stop it. I purposely had not wanted to do any updates just to prevent this from happening. I even made sure my demos were practiced and typing would not be needed. I remember the tip I have heard many times, never type in a demo)

After several reboots and a firmware update, and more reboots, everything was working fine. All I could say on this day was WTF…Really?

Now to put together the blog post on the talk I was going to give and figure out what my next talk will be on. Maybe give this talk at the RI SQL User Group.


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